Thursday, December 12, 2013

Introduction to December 2013 Posts

For the December 2013 posts, I have chosen a recent essay with an accompanying video. The separate posts are numbered and are meant to differentiate the subsections of the essay.

Below is my abstract and subsections for A Blog as an Artist's Workspace.


            A Blog as an Artist’s Workspace examines the use of a blog as a digital platform to present artist-based research. The essay considers the use of electronic tool types, the use of blogging to form a postmodern identity, and the structure of a blog. These aspects are related with my artist experiences with blogging and current projects. Included with the text is a video, which pertains to the general layout of my blog. The text and accompanying video are an introduction to the use of media and the process of an artist’s interdisciplinary practice. 


Introduction - presenting art-based research with social media
02 Blogging as a Postmodern Artist Tool
03 The Structure of the Blog
04 Video Research, An Example of the Blog's Layout
05 Continuation - postmodernism and forming art-based research

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