Wednesday, December 19, 2018

An Artist Crossing Disciplines Published

An Artist Crossing Disciplines 

Available for purchase on LuLu Publishing 

2018 Edinger Front Cover
 Book Description: 
The under-representation of the artist voice in specific research methods is what convinced me to write from my perspective as an American woman artist whose work crosses disciplinary boundaries. The purpose of my first person writing is to expand the twenty-year old dialog concerning cross-discipline practice within art and anthropology. The distinct content includes approaches that I have drawn from each discipline and includes an evaluation of how digital media has altered the structures of those disciplines for the process of my Collection Project. My monograph contributes to the development of defining the artist’s role with the production of knowledge beyond a standard visual means to interdisciplinary practice.

Carrie Ida Edinger is an independent artist whose interdisciplinary practice investigates and utilizes cross-discipline approaches and new media. Carrie Ida’s focus with these inquiries can be seen in her current project and writings. She has published and given research related presentations with art and anthropology-related professional organizations. Her projects have been included in national and international programming and exhibitions.
Carrie Ida's current projects