Sunday, December 20, 2015

Four-Years of Interdisciplinary Practice

The four-years of my interdisciplinary practice has contributed to a collecting process that has formed an ephemeral collection. This blog has been maintained for the documentation of my experiences with the collection project and other preliminary research regarding new media, visual anthropology, material culture, and digital humanities. 
The main texts have started out as three separate writings that were included as presentations in conferences sessions at professional art and anthropology academic organizations. Upon the opportunity to inquire with some of my peers, it has become more evident that the texts relate back to each other and are leading to an extensive writing. 
            I am using this blog as a resource for a more comprehensive body of writing in a book format. While researching for a publishing source that is accessible to my cross-discipline approach. This aspect relates back to my very beginnings with my blog as an open writing source and reference to the aesthetics of an artist voice with interdisciplinarity.  

More About the Collection Project.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Anthropology News/ December Column

My December Anthropology News column focuses on a workshop that reunites artists and performers through a shared experience of serial migration. The column considers the non-hierarchical approach to the workshop structure and the public engagement elements that are formed in the workshop time period.