Sunday, October 25, 2015

One of Many Phases - Updating Internet Presence

The About section of the Collection Project website has been revised to include some technical  and current digital culture aspects that are related to the current state of the project. This is one of the many phases I have been working on toward the updated version of the Internet presence of the collection project. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dreams with Mephistopheles (Accapella)

THANK YOU! to Gentle Jones for his continued support of our March 2015 collaboration with the Mouth Collection. He has recently posted the March 2015 Mouth Collection addition on his YouTube channel. Since the collaboration, we have exchanged emails about posting the videos and the blog post about our collaboration on different social media sites.
            I have recently (this past summer) been preparing the collection project for the next stage, which has been writing a couple of essays from my perspective of the project’s use of new media and my research methods. I have also been updating the projects website for future opportunities to restage the collection in a different manner and/ or research. The launch of the updated version of the website is planned to be in December of 2015.
            I view Gentle Jones’ YouTube and other social media posts of this collection addition as an Internet-based restaging of the collection project. These posts re-position a portion of the collection to be publicly accessible. In my research with the characteristics of digital media, public access was one of the investigations for choosing the Internet as an exhibition site for my collection.
            Included in this blog post, are both videos (March 2015 Mouth Collection Addition and the video as research) from the collaboration. The Dreams with Mephistopheles (Accapella) video is Gentle Jones’ YouTube post. I have included both videos as a step forward from my original structure given to the collection project. The structure entailed my research posted on my Blogger site and the presentation of the actual collection elements on the Collection Project website. This blog post presents video as research and a final project video clip to be viewed together.

Read more about Gentle Jones' contribution to the Mouth Collection and my video as research from the Thursday, April 2, 2015 Blog Post, Mouth Collection and Continued Investigation with Sound.

About these included videos     
The Dreams with Mephistopheles (Accapella) video is a lower resolution .mov file, because it originated from the Collection Project website. Carrie choose to present this specific resolution for a publicly accessible platform to view the videos and allow quicker download time. In addition, social and cultural aspects of the current Internet era were considered with the transitional phase of web browsers  and the inconsistent availability of bandwidth frequencies to lower social economic backgrounds.  

Friday, October 2, 2015

Anthropology News/ October Column

An Anthropological Endeavor is the theme for my October column. The column considers the arts in relation to anthropological theory with an upcoming publication. 

 Link Disclaimer: This link is only active for 4 months. The monthly section of the column will be archived in AnthroSource a digital database of American Anthropological Association publications. 
Screenshot of October Column - Courtesy of Anthropology News