Monday, September 7, 2015

American Labor Day and Considering a New Project

Cropped Image from 9/28/2011 Blog Post
In my preliminary research toward a new project, I couldn’t help but refer back to my blog posts that are from my preliminary research of the Internet-based collection project. These Fall 2011 blog posts range from a flea market observation of a specific object to a previous art installation that reflected on the visual culture of clothing (work uniforms). 
            Referring back to these texts enables me to understand the development of my research with the interaction or work between people and objects, along with related aspects of visual culture within American society. The Oct. 13, 2011 blog post was the text exploration depicting the analysis of an everyday act of opening the lid of a food can. This descriptive style text became part of my ethnographic methods that formed the collection themes.  
            My interest with these broad themes of museum studies, embodiment, and material culture will be acknowledged in my new project to aid in choosing a medium to represent a personal narrative.    

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