Monday, June 1, 2015

Extension of #DietDH

           The University of Delaware Summer Faculty Institute 2015 presented the opportunity for me to hear from other scholars concerning their research with public and digital humanities. The keynote roundtable, Public Humanities 2.0: Cultural Heritage Research and Teaching in a Digital Age, investigated materiality of digital media through classroom practices and public scholarship. The panel discussion felt like an extension from the #DietDH reading group pertaining to the tensions between traditional academic views of scholarly rigor, along with the role of collaborative process and the individual scholar forming an online project. Tomorrow, I will attend Jesse Stommel’s workshop, Digital Humanities Assignment Design. In #DietDH we read Disrupting the Digital Humanities were Stommel shares his perspective to include people and communities within the digital humanities context. I am looking forward to participating about when and how to assess digital projects. I see this workshop in aiding me with my writing about the four-year collection project as well as with future collaborative digital projects.
            I had the opportunity to have my own discussion about my Internet-based collection project during the Digital Humanities 2.0 Show-and-Tell Poster Session. I enjoyed hearing feed back from University of Delaware community from various disciplines ranging from Music to English.

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