Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mouth Collection and Continued Investigation with Sound

           The March 2015 addition to the Mouth Collection is a single video clip focused on rapping, which is a genre of music. Bill Ferrell a.k.a Gentle Jones contributed not only his original vocals to the collection, but to my video as research concept.
            My inquiry to Gentle Jones was about the over all embodied experience with rapping and creating sound. Instead of doing a traditional question and answer interview format, I sent Gentle Jones my points of inquiry prior to our meeting for producing the video clip. I wanted him to consider his response and personal experiences.           

            My points of inquiry were:
- When using his vocals could he explain the motion or activity of his mouth
- Could he go into detail about the connection with the beat of the music and his vocals
- When he is rapping could he describe his overall experience

            This specific video as research includes the video clip that is included in the Mouth Collection and an over dub of Gentle Jones’ response. Instead of a close-up of his mouth area, I have selected a frontal pose for framing this video clip. This is to present a focus on his facial expressions in conjunction with the mouth movements. For the technical aspects of this video as research, I modified the video to play in half its original speed. This slows down Gentle Jones motion just enough to bring notice to the detail of the facial expressions, while excluding the original audio from the collection clip. 

            In my conversation with him about the overall content of the collection project, I was referring to his activity and that it did not involve another object – as in the activity of creating sound with his body. Gentle Jones shared his perspective with me that the object was the audience.  While working through the process of editing the video and audio, I have been thinking about our conversation. In the video as research, Gentle Jones references that he is aware of the audience in the room with him and “between us all it is magic.” The audience is consuming Gentle Jones’ vocals through the enjoyment or entertainment of the audio. This not only includes another perception to the collection, but to include how the element of sound expands the description of the dual functionality of the Mouth Collection, which pertains to individual consumption.

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