Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#DietDH 05

The Hermeneutics of Screwing Around; or What You Do with a Million Books by Stephen Ramsay is the reading that gets the #DietDH reading group started back from University of Delaware’s Spring Break. From Ramsay’s essay, I was reminded of a previous #DietDH reading on tinkering that was being explored with pedagogy. Ramsay’s reference was pertaining to methods of reading for research and the concept of browsing, which is what made me consider Jentery Sayers essay, Tinker-Centic Pedagogy in Literature and Language Classrooms. 
            Ramsey describes the two processes by stating research reading has various strategies for locating information; while the browsing approach is to walk into a library and I quote from Ramsey “…wander around in a state of insouciant boredom.” I have done a little browsing on the bookshelves near the area of a specific research book I was looking for, but still need to walk into a library with the boredom strategy. In addition, Ramsey relates the browsing idea to a useful activity, along with corresponding ideas of the Internet as a search engine.
             For this weeks reading group we are to bring an example of a very large digital collection. This is to continue our groups focus on discussing the visual and readily available informational content of various websites. So, I decided to use Ramsey’s browsing approach to find my example. I knew this would take me away from relying on my familiar art background. The screenshot that accompanies this blog post is the visual of the top hit of my search for “largest online collection.” The largest Meteorite Collection in the World(By Distinct Falls/ Finds) is a webpage with a list format of links to the meteorite collections of cultural/ science institutions. A very interesting find with a digital browsing tool. 

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