Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Continuation of March Column/ Hanging Out Exhibit

        In addition to my March Anthropology News column focusing on the On the Line project, I contributed to a project for the Hanging Out exhibition. I submitted four postcards to Anh Ly’s Permanent Press piece. Anh Ly collected images and memories related to laundry. She implemented the postcard format to reflect nostalgia and an intimacy from these individual experiences with the images and handwritten text. 
Example of a postcard front and back 2015
My postcards did not reflect the practical notions of laundry or clotheslines. My images and texts were from my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree exhibition entitled Out on a Line. The main installation was a clothesline on which I had hung stiffen found clothes and paper clothes that looked like they were in a breeze.  As for my handwritten text portion, I mostly reflected on memories from my observations of viewers maneuvering through the clothesline within the gallery space. I chose this topic, because it referenced the Winter 2015 University of California Riverside graduate seminar exploration of artwork that was developed in a response to clotheslines and use of gallery space.
This experience offers insight toward concepts of a reflexive relationship. This is in regards to the present development from the seminar and my approximately twenty-year old observation of a gallery space with the subject matter and presentation of clotheslines.  

Example of a postcard front and back - 2015

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