Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Recent Reading

"In-ear headphones" Image
           This recent reading continues my investigations with phenomenology[1], but from the art perspective. I am reading Hannah Higgins’, Fluxus Experience to consider the Fluxkits as objects, along with the experiences associated with them.             
           The descriptions of the Fluxkits were about the content of items having multisensory information. Since the activity of the Fluxkits and events was concerned with primary experiences, this implied that the participants are experiencing the objects and events for themselves.[2] 
            The introduction of a specific FLuxkit, Orifice Flux Plugs by Larry Miller an American Fluxus Artist, was used as an example to link experiences to the personal inquiry of the senses. Higgins descriptions of the objects included the ideas of a tactile experience that examined scale, touch, and other sensory encounters.[3]
            While I could relate to Higgins writing and observing the images from the book, I immediately could locate a couple of the “plugs” in my own household. I have included two of my own visuals with this blog post. These objects (a cork and In-ear headphones) were seen in the image with the text of the Orifice Flux Plugs.
"Cork" image
            Higgins does state, “… in offering a primary experience of matter as art, Fluxkit and Events have ramifications that both do and do not necessarily include the normative context called fine art.”[4] This is part of the characteristic of the Fluxus Experience that began to redefine art in the mid-Twentieth Century.

[2] Hannah Higgins, Fluxus Experience (Berkely; University of California, 2002), 37
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