Saturday, January 3, 2015

December 2014 New Addition to the Mouth Collection

           Reflecting on my December 2014 new additions for the Mouth Collection, the included video clips represent the three sub-themes of this collection. The sub-themes inquire about the physical aspects of the body, the act of consuming substance, and the interaction with objects.
            The video clip of the plastic toy depicts my main focus of the social interaction between a person and object. A sweeter idea of individual consumption is eating a chocolate caramel candy bar, which is the last video clip in this addition of the collection. Both of these collection examples continue the investigation with the consistent consumption in the material Western Culture. 

Plastic Toy used for December 2014 Addition/ Mouth Collection

Visual Icon for Mouth Collection

The third video clip of myself humming involves body and sound. My memory and the use of my body (mouth) are intertwined to be able to carry out this personal activity. I have always perceived humming as personal entertainment that is produced from recollections of a single or several musical tunes. A similar concept is the activity of whistling that is included in the September 2012 Mouth Collection.  

The Mouth Collection in its entirety can be viewed at the same link.

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