Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Presentation at Visual Research Conference

I am participating in the 113th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Producing Anthropology in Washington D.C., USA.  Today, I presented Visual Methods and Interdisciplinary Practice, from an Artist’s Perspective for the Thirteenth Annual Visual Research Conference. Below is my abstract for presentation. 

Information about the interaction and discussion structure of the Visual Research Conference
The Visual Research Conference is similar to a panel discussion or open roundtable with ALL participants (including the “audience”) potentially contributing in each presentation. Presenters come with works-in-progress, ready to dialogue, not to “read a paper” or “show a film” with a question or two at the end. Visual Research Conference presentations feature much interaction and feedback from an actively participating audience – working to maximize the productive possibilities of being co-present with each other.  

The corresponding blog post (Module Outline) presents my six modules from the 
Visual Research Conference

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Abstract for Visual Methods and Interdisciplinary Practice, from an Artist’s Perspective
           This presentation will consider an Internet-based collection project, an artist using ethnographic research methods borrowed from anthropology, and forms of digital media used in documenting interdisciplinary visual research. I contend that the artist's perspective-- concerned with individual experience-- can also be utilized in the development of interdisciplinary theories drawing from the breadth of current art and from anthropology. 
            My current Internet-based project, Carrie Ida Edinger’s Collections, will be an example that will introduce the ethnographic roles for research and the visual significance of digital media used for representing the concept of the project and related research. The Internet-based collection project is formed and defined by material culture, ethnographic methods, and social and culturally based research. These methods contribute to visual documentation in a form of media such as video clips or print media objects that form specific collection themes. The collection project website ( offers accessibility to each monthly addition posted.
            From the current project, my roles within the ethnography process are a postmodern inquiry that include Sarah Pink’s proposal to rethink the traditional roles of participant observation to a multisensory experience. Borrowing ethnography enables me to create a process to analyze specific activities involved with an object in forming collection themes. In my interdisciplinary practice, I am currently investigating the phenomenological theories related to material culture and interdisciplinary research.
            The acknowledgement of the artist’s voice contributes to the future discussion of visual research and the development of various forms of digital media regarding theory and practice.  Three to four minute modules will be presented, with the majority featuring single frame grabs (or video clips that are under a minute), leaving ample time for active questioning in between.                                                

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