Friday, December 19, 2014

New Print Media Edition and Looking Toward a New Year

November and December 2014
Location of Print Media NE corner of Rt. 4/  Brennen Dr.
 Newark, Delaware USA

             The image accompanying this blog post is the most recent edition for November and December 2014 print media flyers concerning a missing dog. These flyers and the Newark, Delaware (USA) locations relate back to my short-term project for the Summer of 2014. My August 2014 blog posts cite the details for the Recently Seen in Area Collection. I have no plans to continue this collection with the most recent flyer. I regard this new edition of the lost dog public posting to offer to the idea of the continual evolution of objects.
            The old cliché about the New Year as a marker of time for change or “new beginnings” has crossed my mind to try to use as a metaphor to write about were the collection project is heading. I am aware it is more in the timing of this writing that makes me consider it. Instead of leaning on old clichés to aid in my writing, I will end this post by saying that 2014 has provided several opportunities for extending the research of the online project, along with my personal interest in text and digital media co contributing together. 

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