Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Module Outline for Visual Research Conference

Modules for Visual Methods and Interdisciplinary Practice, from an Artist’s Perspective
Presenting by: Three to Four minute modules with the majority having a visual or under a minute videos, with active questioning in between….

This Module outline accompanies the December 3, 2014 blog post with information on the AAA Visual Research Conference and my abstract.

01 module: Introduction to Internet-based Project and Interdisciplinary Practice
- Visual Presented: Screen Shot of Web page of collection project
- Points of Engagement: 
1. Introduce collection project/ ephemeral collection
2. Briefly Introduce Interdisciplinary Practice 
02 module: Video and The Collection Project
- Visual Presented: Example of video clip from collection project
- Points of Engagement: 
1. Video clips as the “object” for the collection
2. Medium of video to represent the social interaction between people and objects
3. Chris Wright Between Art & Anthropology Contextual & Immersive Approaches
03 module: Ethnographic Roles
- Points of Engagement: 
1. Background of ethnography/ autoethnography
2. working roles in project                                                   
3. Sarah Pink’s ethnography theories toward a multisensory experience

04 module: Example of Multisensory Experience
-Visual presented: Marshmallow Video Example
- Points of Engagement:
1. Example given with video from my documentation of the senses from my engagement with toasting a marshmallow.

05 module: Video as Research
 - Visual presented: First video from my Video as Research series
- Points of Engagement: 
1. Expanded Sarah Pink’s concept of “Video as Research”
2. Medium of video to present the knowledge gained from my ethnographic process

06 module: Social Media and “online” publishing
- Visual presented: Screen shot of blog
- Points of Engagement: 
1. various digital media tools to display experiences/ research expanding investigation of digital media & interdisciplinary practice
2. Dr. Gill Kirkup study of postmodern indentity 
3. Three years into the research/ reference the blog & videos                                                                                        

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