Sunday, November 9, 2014

Omitted Video Clip

          While working on the new additions for the Interaction with Color Collection, my experience in the process of creating one of the video clips brought my attention to the specific sense of smell and the relation with video in representing it. Recently, I have been focusing my research in the direction of the senses to the relationship of video.
            My first intentions with the white bread being toasted video clip was to document the process of using an electric toaster. I wanted to represent the plain white bread being ejected from the toaster with various shades of browns to be included in the Interaction with Color Collection.
            I have actually been working on the video clip in various stages and angles of the shot. I have been considering that the actual “toasting” or changing color of the white bread all happens within the toaster. This is as important as the human interaction of pushing the lever down to lower the bread in the toaster and beginning the process. I will go into more detail about these stages in a future blog post that will introduce the next new additions to the Smell Collection.
Still Image from Toasting Bread Video Clip
I omitted the toaster video clip from the October 2014 Recent Additions of the Interaction with Color Collection to be included as a food consideration for the next additions of the Smell Collection. While the video clip does work for both collections, I want to avoid redundancies in the collection project and consider the supportive concepts for the appropriate collection theme.

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