Monday, November 3, 2014

#dietDH 02

         Miriam Posner’s video presentation of How Did They Make That? The Video! is today’s topic for dietDH reading/ discussion group at the University of Delaware. The content of the video presentation is how to conceptually break down projects presented on the Internet. Miriam Posner offers her field guide of patterns in presentations of projects and three main concepts for looking at projects, while including project examples and video interviews she conducted with humanities scholars. 
            As I watched the section about the three main concepts for looking at projects, I realized Posner’s choice of terms related not only to the digital aspects of a project, but also traditional methods from the humanities disciplines. Posner’s terms are sources, processed, and presentation. In relation to digital projects, sources is the data or “what stuff” the project/ research is about. Posner describes the term processed with the manner that the source becomes machine readable as in digitally manipulated or how it is analyzed. The third term presented relates to how the source becomes viewable to an Internet audience and searchable on the web.
            I also considered the three terms with one of the first week’s dietDH readings by Kathleen Fitzpatrick, The Humanities, Done Digitally. Fitzpatrick’s interest in the making and interpreting, along with how digital materials bridge the separation between disciplines called for an exploration of how scholarship is communicated. Refer back to my October 202014 blog post for Fitzpatrick’s essay. Posner’s three terms for looking at projects could be implemented with communicating research on a broader level. 

View Miriam Posner’s Video Presentation. 

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