Monday, October 20, 2014


            The beginning readings for Diet DH, part of the University of Delaware Digital Humanities Community, is Matthew Kirschenbaum What is Digital Humanities and What’s It Doing in English Departments? and Kathleen Fitzpatrick The Humanities, Done Digitally.  This opportunity to meet the Digital Humanities Community as well as the content from one of the readings (Fitzpatrick), is in good timing with the shift in my focus for my Internet-based project and corresponding research. From Fitzpatrick’s essay, I can relate to my questions about presenting text and video as a larger writing for my research within interdisciplinarity and the use of digital media. 
            From Fitzpatrick’s essay, I gained an understanding of the tensions between the humanities disciplines and digital humanities with the concepts of making from digital media and the inclusion of various humanities scholarship. These tensions both need to be included with digital humanities to enable further interpretations. She includes examples of the theory-practice divide by citing specific disciplines in the humanities. She continues to the current status of media studies investigations of developing the two (theory and practice) together to form “theorized praxis.” This concept opens these debates for broader consideration, while bridging the discipline separation with digital materials in a progressive and productive manner. I view this essay as a future reference to my investigation with the creative tensions and progression of interdisciplinary practice, contemporary art, and the digital humanities. 

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Read Kathleen Fitzpatrick The Humanities, Done Digitally  posted on the Chronicle of Higher Education

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