Monday, September 29, 2014

Web Page Update and Collection Project Progression

The web page from the collection project that is used to present the collection themes has been updated to maintain the progression of the project. I have added a third row, Collections in the Collecting Process, to this web page. This row separates the themes that I am still actively collecting. The bottom row, Collections in Their Entirety, presents the Coupon Collection that was just placed on hold[1] and three other themes that I consider inactive in the current collecting process. This reorganization of presenting the collection themes demonstrates the projects growth with the beginning themes and a short-term project as well as the use of the Internet capabilities to understand and maintain the altering stages of employing digital media.

Included is a couple of screenshots of the current web page as another visual method of archiving the progression of the Internet-based project.
                                Top Section of Collection Themes Web Page September 2014 at                                                    
                                   Bottom Section of Collection Themes Web Page September 2014 at                                                    

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