Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Print Media Observation Evolving to a Collection

           I have taken my print media observation blog post theme and evolved the idea into a digital collection for my Internet-based collection project. This is the first of the August series of blog posts, which introduces the Recently Seen in Area Collection. The collection consists of plotted points of the locations of the print media flyers. The Internet-based collection is presented on Google Maps. This map includes selected video of the locations and the four different styles of print media flyers. The Recently Seen in Area Collection is intended to exhibit a specific time and location of the existing state of these ephemeral objects.
            The visual attached is a legend of how I identified the styles of flyers to the color code for the plotted map locations. These various styles appeared in a two year time period and will be discussed in the upcoming August blog posts. The next three blog posts will consist of my fieldwork for the collecting process, digital media, and the concept behind a short-term project.

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