Sunday, August 31, 2014

Conclusion of a Short-Term Project

            This Recently Seen in Area Collection has a collecting process with the shortest time period in my current Internet-based project. The process regarding the print media flyers was about the changes from the environmental conditions from the public realm. In addition, I viewed this project as an experiment for employing the Internet as a platform of presentation and the future growth of my methods with other collection themes.
            The ability to view visuals of the suburban roadways from Google Maps has offered variations with concepts concerning the element of time from a specific location. The selected visuals (video format) from my collecting process are one example that I embedded on the Google Maps webpage. The other visual possibilities of the Newark, Delaware roadways are from Google Street View. With this option the viewer of the collection would have to take the initiative to search for the print media flyer location on the Google Street View webpage. This would enable the viewer to find the current state of that specific location.
             I have included a screen shot of the location at the NE corner of Route 4 and Brennen Drive that currently has located one of the Yellow, Black, and Red Print Media Flyers. This specific version of the Google Street View is from August of 2012, which is around the time of the first posting of the print media flyers. 
Screen Shot from Google Street View web page of the NE corner of Rt. 4 and Brennen Dr. Newark, DE

        With my research from the “behind the scenes” of Google Street View, the current listing under the section, Where is Street View?, the southern counties of Kent and Sussex in the State of Delaware are being documented.[1] I did not come across a specific time-period for updating the New Castle County area, which the town of Newark is located.  These two web pages offer visuals, along with a different Internet-based perception of the Newark suburban environment.
            I considered the suburban environment as a collecting site, because of the approximate two-year time span with the posting of the print media flyers. But, I saw this collecting process as an experience to gain insight in observing a specific environment. Currently, the majority of my collecting process has been from a more controlled environment of a studio setting, which I restage the social interactions between people and objects. My fieldwork methods will be considered from this two-month time period to expand the Smell Collection that began in the Spring of 2014. This is significant for me to be able to expand the collecting process to a very diverse range of environments. 


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