Thursday, July 24, 2014

Print Media Object Observation

            For approximately a two-year time period in the outskirts of the City of Newark in the US State of Delaware print media flyers concerning a missing dog have been posted. These flyers are usually found at all corners of a large intersection of roadway. They are very noticeable from the road, because of the pop art colors used within the design.
            From my everyday travels in the Newark area, I have observed these flyers fade from the outdoor elements and the human element of removing them from the posted area. This is shown from my two images accompanying this blog post. These visuals are taken in about a two-week time period. It is easily recognized the transitions these print media objects go through in the public realm.
1st week of July 2014
Location of Print Media NE corner of Rt. 4/  Brennen Dr.
 Newark, Delaware USA
                                  I have dedicated a two month time period observing and plotting the locations of the flyers. The August 2014 blog posts will be about my two-month time period and these print media objects in Newark, Delaware.

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