Thursday, June 5, 2014

White Sneakers and The Interaction with Color Collection

         For the May 2014 recent additions of the Interaction with Color Collection, I have included video clips wearing white sneakers while cutting grass with a lawnmower. Showing the sneakers before and after mowing the grass, along with the activity of mowing was essential for this theme. The methods for forming these video clips have some experimental concepts taken from past suburban experiences of wearing older pairs of shoes through several spring and summer time periods and the results of seeing layers of grass stains. I never wore new sneakers or boots to mow the lawn. I was curious how stained with the colors of greens and browns the new sneakers would be after wearing them for the first mowing.
            The included video as research for this blog post presents my experiences of the sneakers before and after mowing the lawn. I chose the activity of putting my shoes on for the video as research, because it is part of the initial stages of actually wearing the shoes. This video as research in a 60 second format is part of a continual investigation of the senses and considering beyond the “visual” intent of the Interaction with Color context.

View the May 2014 segment on the recent addition section of the collection project webpage

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