Friday, May 30, 2014

Social Media Connection Analysis and The Internet-based Collection Project

This social media connection analysis is based on the two year investigation with the social network links for the Internet-based collection project website. The investigation began with two popular social media sites, Google+ and Facebook.[1] I have included my blog on the attached visual, because the hyperlink from the project’s website provides public access to the experiences and research forming the collection. The Public Bulletin Board Collection theme is presented with each year’s social network links to offer the public an opportunity to engage in the collecting process. In 2013, the collecting process was managed through the project’s website by collecting submissions of digital images through an email address.[2] In February 2014, I moved the collection theme to a Tumblr site for easier public accessibility for posting images to the collection.[3] My connection analysis is not based on statistics that pertain to specific numbers from traffic to the website or “likes,” but the length of time and experiences with the engagement from the social media sites.    

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