Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Continuation of Social Media Page and LIMITS

         The intent of this blog post is not to slander a major social media site, but is toward research of my Internet-based collection project. The social media research is used toward understanding social media sites as links to digital media art and public accessibility. This post is a continuation from the September 15, 2013, Social Media and LIMITS, post.
            The September 15th post was about no longer having specific features accessible on the collection project Facebook page. This continuation concerns the 2014 cycle of Facebook’s constant emphasis to promote purchasing of their online ads. The cycle of the Facebook’s ad sale campaign has altered my page manager screen with many types of “advertise your page” buttons and notifications (see the accompanying screen shots). In addition, these notifications sporadically interrupt my direct login to the page and lead me to Facebook ad information. 

Screen-shot of page manager screen with ad notifications and pormotions
            My continual social media research of Facebook’s fan policy page and with the page becoming inept of being a functional social media site (unless I buy a Facebook ad along with meeting the quota of “likes”); I have decided to no longer currently post on the page. The page will not be deleted instead the Facebook page will become part of the research toward the interdisciplinary aspect of the project. As I stated in my November 25, 2012, The Collection Project and Social Media’s Role, blog post, “ I have no intentions of paying for marketing promotions of my ‘collections’ project, since the social networking page was intended to promote an online social interaction with the recent additions of the collection and not intended as a brand-marketing tool.”[1]     

Screen-shot of page manager screen with ad promotion

Screen-shot of email response to no direct login
My last post on the Facebook collection project page has asked viewers to directly follow the projects website and my blog. The concept of diversity in communicating the collection project is still in consideration with the open accessibility around central Internet platforms. My research will continue and possibility be altered while waiting for the outcome of the FCC and net neutrality standards.[2]  

[1] [Accessed November 25, 2012]. 

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