Friday, April 4, 2014

Senses and Video as Medium

            Some remarks concerning my presentation during the 50th Anniversary Conference at the School of Interdisciplinary Art, Ohio University were related to the use of video. A couple of comments related to my use of video and the description of my ethnography process in regards to the senses.
            In my presentation, I used the raw video clip of my engagement with toasting a marshmallow. This video clip was presented as a visual representation in aiding with the description from my preliminary stages of my ethnography process. I thought the video clip of toasting a marshmallow from the Mouth Collection was a better example of engaging with the majority of all the senses. As the video clip played during my presentation, I gave some examples of the senses and how they were notated in my preliminary fieldwork. This method offers a “slow down” analysis of the social interaction, which contributes to establishing viewpoints to be considered in framing the subject matter for the video clips inclusion to a collection theme.
            Included in this blog post is the video clip of toasting a marshmallow and I overdubbed my examples from the presentation. This format that I presented in my presentation is the first of using a video clip from the collection as art-based research.
Please visit the March 21, 2014 blog post for the abstract of my presentation. 

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