Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Print Media as a Visual for a Restaging

March 2014 Restaging of the Collection Poster
 For the March 2014 restaging of the “collection” project, an ephemeral print in the form of an 11” x 14” poster will present the current state of the collection. The posters display the web site address and QR code in the gallery space, which indicates the online existence of the “collection” project. The visitors to the March group exhibit have the option of obtaining the poster as a tangible object from the restaging. I am offering the poster as a piece of memorabilia.
            These concepts reference the art-historical shift of the dematerialization of art occurring in the late 1960’s that was proposed by art historian and critic, Lucy Lippard. The poster is significant to Lippard’s theory that the conceptual art models of exchange form residual materials. The concept of the dematerialization of art moved the materials of creating art into a secondary position and categorized the idea of art into a non-object form. An example of this selected art is artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ giveaway paper stacks and candy piles that invited the viewer to go beyond touching, but to take the pieces with them.     
            My intention in borrowing the dematerialization art theory is to have the ability to present a visual physical presence for my web-based artwork, rather than an attempt of using a computer to display the project in the gallery space. The poster has elements of print media communication that I have designed for this specific moment in time, the March 2014 restaging of the collection.  The corresponding element is to promote the communication of web-based art, the act of the continual collecting process, and to mobilize participants in the viewing process with their everyday digital objects.
            This will be the second physical space the collection has been restaged at. The first site was curated as part of the Currents 2013 The Santa Fe International New Media Festival and exhibited at a computer station at the festival site El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe. For this March 2014 restaging, I had an opportunity to present the project with complete artistic freedom. I chose the print media poster for the communication characteristics, rather than an “art” object that accompanied the Internet-based project. In addition, my decision was to include the possibility of the use of other digital objects, such as smartphones to mobilize participants in the viewing process. The “take away” concept of the poster is for viewers who do not have mobile devices and can access the collection at another point in time.
            The next blog post will consist of the gallery space and details of the exhibit that the collection project has been included in.

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