Saturday, January 25, 2014

Coupon Collection 2013 Yearly Tally

         Since my July 11, 2013 post, Update: Local & National Print Media Observation, there has not been much press relating to the printed daily papers and digital subscriptions. A recent updated article on the Knight Digital Media Center website at the University of California Berkley gives an overview of the current state of the transition to digital journalism. The article includes details of how news organizations have been using online coverage for breaking news and print versions for feature articles. [1]
            As for my local paper, there is continuous advertising for both print and digital subscriptions. My local grocery store that I buy the Sunday paper at every week will now randomly offer the paper on special for a dollar less than the $3.00 price. In addition during the week, I have noticed the rack for the Sunday paper reduced for sale of $2.00. As an estimate there might be half as many papers when I was at the store on Sunday. This is just with in the last couple of weeks, so it would take a little more research to find out if the store has to purchase the papers and are unable to return unsold papers to the local news organization for credit.
            The attached image is one of the many coupons that are printed out at the register of my local grocery store for discounted subscriptions of the local paper. It is very similar to the offers for a combination of print and digital subscriptions I have mentioned in my June 26, 2012 post, Local & National Print Media Observations.
            The 2013 yearly tally for the Coupon Collection is 15,174
Now with a little over two years of collecting other restaging sites or projects are being actively proposed.

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