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05 Continuation - postmodernism and forming art-based research

A Blog as an Artist’s Workspace  
Continuation - postmodernism and forming art-based research

         A Blog as an Artist’s Workspace text and video focuses on the technological tool types and the artist’s perception with interdisciplinary research methods. I utilize media and my experiences from interdisciplinary practice to establish a postmodern perspective. Steven Seidman’s postmodern theories toward hybrid knowledge are a main element in my underpinnings for using media as a presentation platform for art-based research.
            Seidman acknowledges in his introduction of his book, The postmodern turn, that Modernity has not come to an abrupt end. He references third world societies modeling modern aesthetics and that the concept of modernization continues to form social living. In addition, Seidman cites the argument that Postmodernity is now registered as being included as current “western” history by academic standards. [1] Approximately twenty years since Seidman’s text pertaining to the postmodern turn and the methods of hybrid knowledge, my essay is supplementing the current theories and methods of employing media and art-based research toward forming interdisciplinary practice. 
            My essay is not written with the intent to dismiss the art canons or declare postmodernism over the post-postmodern movement[2], but present other perspectives of how artists and past collaborations are viewed with the advancement of technology. Billy Kluver acknowledges from a1995 interview with Garnet Hertz that from his experience with E.A.T. he recognized that artist’s involvement with technology has introduced a more humanizing element with the collaborative projects. Kluver’s assessment, derived from his matching of artist project’s with engineer knowledge, is that the artists brought situations to technology that were not in an engineer’s everyday routine concerning rational problems. Kluver believes the questions the artist raised concerning the use of technology brought the engineers and the technology from that time-period closer to humanity.[3] 
            Kluver’s concept with an artist’s approach and their intent with technology can be applied to Refsum’s theory of production concerning the field of visual arts. The approach would be demonstrated with the postmodern identity that would acknowledge the human element by presenting multiply narratives. Presenting these methods through the act of blogging and the continual evolution of digital media implies a potential growth relating to the breath of theory and practice toward art-based research.
           This section is subtitled a continuation instead of a conclusion, because the initial objective is to contribute toward the documentation of research, use of media, and presentation of media-based art. While there are some absences in the investigation of my blog’s audience and how I relate it to the progress of my use of digital resources, my research will continue beyond the posting of this digital essay. My investigation will continue with my motivations and the accessibility of contemporary media tool types that are employed toward the processes of research.

[1] Steven Seidman, The Postmodern Turn New Perspectives on Social Theory (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1994) 1

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