Friday, November 22, 2013

Intro: Recent Readings and Related Print/ Social Media Experience

 A couple of recent readings had me reflect back on a Print Festival Scotland event that I had experienced in the City of Dundee.  The book The New Media Invasion by John David Ebert began my interest in writing this blog post. His perspective reflects the “shadow side” of digital technologies and the disappearing world we have known. An article with the topic of art writing and criticism in the Art in America magazine’s November 2013 edition is the second reading. Both of these readings related to the GENERATORprinthouse project exploring the evolution of print media to digital media, while having future intentions of being a digital platform for critical discourse of art after the Print Festival Scotland.  

I have divided my initial writing up into two sections for the next two accompanying blog posts.
Section 01 – Time and Experiencing Print to Digital Media
Section 02 – Present Methods and Disruptions of Past Structures
I have chosen to do this, because it keeps the focus on exploring the GENERATORprinthouse project with the element of time and the disruptions of society/ cultural structures with the diversity of media.

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