Sunday, September 15, 2013

Social Media Page and LIMITS

            This blog post is reflecting on my experience of posting the August 2013 coupon tally on my social media pages. While I was in the process of posting on my Facebook page, I wanted to use the “ask a question” feature. I haven’t used the feature since a mid-June post to avoid redundancy.
            The “ask a question” feature is no longer available on my page. There is the opportunity to post an “offer.” I am unable to use this feature, because I do not have more than a hundred “likes” for my page. I am aware of this information, because there is a question mark icon next to the “offer” feature and when I hold the curser next to the question mark the statement visually appears.
             My continual research of online social interaction with the Facebook page and my collection is presenting constraints toward my page that create a slower process of getting established. Referring back to November 25, 2012, The Collection Project and Social Media’s Role, blog post I cited an online article stating Facebook prioritizes news feeds of posts by the pages who had the most activities or “Likes.”  This also placed limits on pages that were below Facebook’s guidelines of social activity and their definition of established.
            I ended The Collection Project and Social Media’s Role blog post by stating I would consider other internet platforms with open standards to promote public access to the new additions of the “collection” project. I have been casually using Since the last time I posted on, there have been some changes with the sites sources to operate as an open source social engine. I am currently researching and My plans for the second year of the “collection” project are to increase my use with a site that offers open source social networking. 

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