Thursday, July 11, 2013

Update: Local & National Print Media Observation

          A recent New York Times online article states the Times-Picayune of New Orleans will start printing a daily version of the newspaper instead of being a digitally focused enterprise. This comes a year later after the reorganization for the Times-Picayune to move toward being an online newspaper. [1]
            I stated in my June 26, 2012 blog post that the Times-Picayune transition would be a good observation for my print media culture research. Considering another newspaper company’s activities toward moving digital broaden my research for the Coupon Collection’s longevity, since my local paper has not changed the number of printed daily papers being offered and has weekly subscriptions for print version and the Internet based news.
            The New York Times article mentions two motivations for the Times-Picayune to return to a daily printed version, which are that advertisers are not interested in online marketing for their products and the competing newspaper, The Advocate, is offering New Orleans residents a daily printed paper.[2]  In January 2013, the CBS TV News Program 60 Minutes did a segment on the Times-Picayune. The online video version of the segment presents the newspaper’s history, Internet access within the New Orleans community, and discusses the transition with present day print media.
            The news of the Times-Picayune returning to daily print versions adds an incentive to question the development of the print media transition. An American Press online article outlined the availability of the print version’s location sites in New Orleans and which days were for home delivery, but no other mention of possible longevity in the outcome of this decision.[3] This blog post will be a yearly update for my print media observations, since there are not enough details within the two articles and video segment to determine the status of the transition’s progress.            
            The tally for the June 2013 segment of the Coupon Collection is 1205.

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