Sunday, June 2, 2013

Restaging Media and a Collection Theme

             The Interaction with Color Collection has been restaged with the use of various media forms. Audio is used to present another visual perspective of the collection theme. The Internet is the media platform for public access to the restaging.
            The restaging of the video segments of the Interaction with Color Collection has been presented with a perspective from a person who is colorblind. The verbal responses of the participant, Harry, were recorded while he watched the current February 2012 thru April 2013 additions to the collection. The original sound of the video segments was removed. This act enables Harry’s voice to be prominent and to restage the collection with his visual perspective.
            The audio from the video clips of the collection was not the only original content removed. The title pages introducing the collection have been altered to introduce the restaging concept. The “new addition” title pages have also been removed from the whole video collection. Deleting these title pages is intended to remove my collecting process idea, which provides about a half of an hour of a different perspective.
            The presentation of the restaging is displayed on the collection project’s website. The colorblind perspective of the Interaction with Color Collection is the second restaging of the collection. The first restaging was of the print media objects. Segments of the Coupon Collection were exhibited at the Newark Free Library (Newark, Delaware). The June 4, 2012 blog post, Restaging of the Coupon Collection, refers to the details of the public institutions restaging site.
            The colorblind perspective is presented in the Restaging the Collection section of the collection project’s website. The use of audio over dubbed on to the video clips has offered an opportunity to present a media form of restaging to the video aspect of my collection.

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