Saturday, March 2, 2013

Print Object Observation

Observation of print object, Flyer, posted on public institution's window
    The printed object being observed is a flyer. These multiple printed pamphlets are intended for mass distribution for communication purposes. Rather than focusing on the flyer as a print object this post will begin to inquire about the public space needed to “post” the pamphlets.
    My observations of two examples of flyers are in the lobby area of a public institution, the Post Office. The image with this blog post presents the flyers taped directly to the lobby windows. This area has become a makeshift public notice board, since the post office bulletin boards have locked glass doors and do not have public access for posting pamphlets.
    There are accessible public bulletin boards in my community. There locations range from cafés, community centers, and open air structures on the street. The community is in a suburban area. Typically the flyers are “posted” on a bulletin board instead of given out by hand, like you might see in a heavily populated urban area.
    This post is not intended to promote makeshift public notice boards on institutions property. The writing is part of the investigation of various modes of public access to communication systems through print media and social media.

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