Monday, February 18, 2013

Follow-Up to Zines and the Transition of Media

This post is acknowledging the recent art:21 post Word is a Virus | Fan Letter: Printed Matter's First Los Angeles Art Book Fair by Carol Cheh. Carol Cheh's writing from her personal experience of the first year of the fair makes mention of the current status of Los Angeles  being the "epicenter" of zine publishing. 

The LA Book Fair is another example of present day public access to zines. Similar to my example of the New York Art Book Fair from my article Zines and the Transition of Media article in the Graphic Impressions Winter 2013 edition.  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

SGCI Graphic Impressions

I am currently published in the Southern Graphics Council International Winter 2013 edition newsletter of Graphic Impressions. My article  Zines and the Transition of Media refers to the University of Delaware Zines Exhibit and professional interviews on the current archival process of media (print media & internet). 
To read the article and download a PDF version of the newsletter from the SGCI website.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Social Interaction With an Unpredictable Object

             This blog post is about the restaging process of a between an unpredictable object and myself. The object is a mammal, a cat. The video clip documents my hand petting the cat in conjunction with the cat’s body language. 
            The unpredictable variable in the restaging process is the cat’s behavior. An example is the cat could become distracted while filming and jump off the white background set-up. The cat was introduced to the studio area before filming occurred.
            Even with this introduction there is no guarantee about the cat’s behavior. The cat enjoyed the warmth from the studio lights. It was at least ten minutes into the petting process before the record button was pushed on the video camera.
Still Photo of observation of petting a black & white cat.
The cat seemed relaxed on the background. I could tell he felt the situation was safe, because I could hear his purring. The cat would also put his head up toward my hand when I reached to pet him. Another sign he wanted further attention is he rolled over on his back several times to allow me to pet him on his stomach.  He did move while filming, this section was edited, and his back was toward the camera at the end of the restaging.
        To see the clip  “Petting a Black & White Cat” view the January 2013 Interaction With Color Collection.