Friday, December 14, 2012

Recent Readings

      The book Popularizing Research acknowledges expanding the use of academic research beyond the conventional book form. Editor, Phillip Vannini has accompanied the book version of Popularizing Research with a website. These two uses of media are to enable the potential for research to reach new audiences with internet.                             
     The media examples from contributors of the book are exhibited on the website. The website offers the chapter contents of the book with the inclusion of a referenced video, audio, or imagery. As seen on the website for Chapter 3, Sturgis 2.0 Crafting a Filmic-Web Dialogue, by Carly Gieseler who's media sources were presented with her project on the legendary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Sturgis 2.0 webpage includes Gieseler's film and links to additional Sturgis websites. These other links indicate other  potential quick accessibility to other perspectives on the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for viewers to explore beyond Gieseler's. 
     Since the introduction of the book mentions the Popularizing Research website it extends the ideas of reference points beyond the medium of the book. The website is a beginning to the investigation of media and the presentation of the mediums of media to include and reach new audiences.