Sunday, October 7, 2012

Print Object Observation

Newspaper Coupon
            A coupon that was collected from a recent postal mail circular that contained local area retailers’ savings coupons is the subject for the print object observation. The coupon represents two aspects of print media culture. The first is very obvious; it is a print media coupon. The second is the content of the coupon that is a discounted price for the local Sunday paper.
            A local delicatessen is offering a $1.01 savings from the $3.00 price of a Sunday paper. The coupon displays a reminder in a blue circle graphic, “Don’t Pay More!!” Besides the graphic being an implied marketing ploy, the statement is a reminder of the recent newspaper price increase.
            For this week, I consider this coupon an interesting find for my coupon collection. This print media coupon presents a discounting method for another form of print media culture (newspapers) and demonstrates an act to keep print media consumption happening during the transition of medias and the current US economic conditions.    

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