Thursday, October 4, 2012

Art and Anthropology Projects

           Today on RadioTimes with Marty Moss-Coane there was an hour radio program devoted to the meaning of objects (stuff) in everyday living. I am sharing this radio program as an example of cross disciplinary research of objects, while using a form of visual medium to present the project’s concepts. Marty discussed the topic with two gentlemen who are integrating this concept of material culture with their current projects in relation to art and anthropology.
            A photographer, Foster Huntington, and an anthropologist, Anthony Graesch, are both implying a form of ethnography, while using different methods to interact with their subject matter (people in relation to their objects). Foster Huntington uses social media, a blog, to initiate a dialog along with people submitting visual and written information on their objects. Foster begins the dialog with a posed question, “If your house was on fire, what would you grab as you ran out the door?”
The submitted information is categorized and presents the person's objects as priceless possessions.
 To view the variety of objects visit The Burning House blog.
            Anthony Graesch followed 32 families in the Los Angeles, CA area. His co-authored book, Life at Home in the Twenty-first Century, is a visual ethnography concerning present day relationships that are formed with accumulation of objects.  For a summary of Life at Home in the Twenty-first Century visit
            Visit to listen to more details on each of the projects. 

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