Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Year of Collecting...

Coupon Collection

             September marks one year into the collecting process, which has brought development to the scope of my collection. My interdisciplinary practice contributes to the approach of the methods employed for collecting and managing of the collection. The documented management of the collection indicates longevity within the act of collecting through academic and experiential research. Outlined below are some of the main areas that I am reflecting upon during this one year time period. This occasion to consider these approaches demonstrates other future progression of knowledge and forms of presentation for the collection.

·     Methods and Interdisciplinary Practice
            The material culture methodologies that I employ to form and manage my collection have evolved over this year. The preliminary research of objects and the corresponding roles used within my observation research, “fieldwork,” persuades the forming of the visual ethnography methods employed. As each collection developed, alterations to these methods were made with consideration of experience and research. Currently, I am working on an essay from my perception as artist using the visual ethnography methods. The interdisciplinary approach will reflect on the challenges of borrowing material culture methods and the work process of using these methods instead of a completed project. This offers further investigation of the use of interdisciplinary practice within the fine art discipline and my personal collection project. 

·     Exhibits and Restaging
            The coupon collection was displayed from June 4 – August 17, 2012 at the Newark Free Library (Newark, DE). This is the first restaging in a public institution that invites proposals for private collections to be presented to their library patrons. The images and the exhibit statement can be view on the website. Future opportunities to restage the collection have been proposed to several different venues of public institutions. I am currently waiting for responses.  

·     Accumulation and the Archive Process
            Accumulation throughout the year of the video segments of the collection made me consider the website presentation of them. As the accumulation of the video clips lengthened the video playing time, I took into consideration the viewer’s time in viewing them. The collection is presented with the most recent additions of the collection along with each of the collections in their entirety to offer options for the viewer.  These video clips are archived separately, because of future possibilities of restaging beyond my website presentations. 

Interaction With Color
·     Inquiries
            Inquiries for subjects along with documenting the social interactions between them (people) and objects are a continual process. There have been indications were the inquiries reach fruition, such as the luncheonette owner and his hand operated industrial can opener. These inquiries to participate in the ethnography process have been proceeded with posting on internet community classifieds and word of mouth through personal network affiliations. The challenges with working through this process of making contacts are tolerating the spam emails received from the classified websites that have no outcomes and to accommodate scheduling needs for everyone involved in the process. 

Mouth Collection
Can Opener Collection
Screwdriver Collection


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