Monday, June 4, 2012

Restaging of the Coupon Collection

View of the Right Side of the display case at the Newark Free Library
The restaging of the collection’s artifactual object, The Coupon Collection, is at the Newark Free Library public display case. Friends of the Newark Free Library in Newark, Delaware offer display cases to exhibit member or public organization’s interest, artifacts, or even a collection. These cases are meant to be used as a venue for the community and to enrich the library community. The cases are on a rotating exhibit schedule and the Friends of the Newark Library committee review proposals for the exhibits in the display cases.
            My proposal was to exhibit a segment of the Coupon Collection as well as a summary of the statement for this collection. QR codes would accompany the statement and provide a visual of the alternating state between tangible (print media form) or intangible (stored digitally in an electronic device).
            Upon my proposal being accepted and preparing for the display, I realized other aspects of the collecting process needed to be presented. The archiving and management practice needed to be included. This not only supports the statement, but the concept of the collection process that is still in progress. The archiving information card for June 2012 expiration month is presented with some of the June coupons. This area of the display has it’s own signage acknowledging the use of the card and the ending tally for the month of June on the date of May 31, 2012. Since there is still a month’s time left for collecting June coupons, the public is given the information of the website address to have the option to continue to follow the Coupon Collection recent additions.
            The opportunity to restage at a public institution offers the options to view the collection in person and if the individual chooses to continue to view the collection via the internet.
            To view more images of the Newark Free Library restaging of the Coupon Collection please visit the websiteSeveral social media options are available on the front page of the website to stay updated on the recent additions of the collections and public access to the collections via the internet. If summer travels are in the proximity of Newark, Delaware USA - please inquire about the library’s hours and location.
The Coupon Collection will be on view from June 4 – August 17, 2012.

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