Sunday, April 15, 2012

Material Culture Symposium

           This weekend I attended the Material Culture Symposium at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library in Winterthur, Delaware. The symposium was entitled Material Matters and panel themes consisted of Private Places and Contested Spaces and Consuming New Technologies, to name a few. These themes explored the use of material culture studies (object based research) in an interdisciplinary manner.
            While I gained new insight from the cross-disciplinary conversation, the tour at the end of the symposium of the collection was one of my main interests. Not only did the dialog of the tour revolve around the presentation of the collection, but the du Pont family’s private residence transitions into a museum environment. While Henry Francis du Pont’s expectations of his collection were for educational and inspirational purposes, I would need to do further research to understand his expectations of the collection and how they are perceived in the 21st Century. This research will enable me to develop my collection’s future identity. 

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