Friday, February 17, 2012

Public Access and Social Media

             As an artist borrowing from material culture methods to form collections, I intend to develop public access to the collections. I am approaching this access by means of the tangible and intangible public domain.
            For the tangible aspect, I refer back to the Defining a Collection blog entry (Jan. 17, 2012), I wrote about the concept of private and institutional collections as well as a couple of ideas towards public accessibility for the coupon collection. Those ideas for proposals are in progress and with time an institution or community will partner with me on the concept.
            I have reorganized the website to be the main viewing area in the intangible public domain for the collections. The role of social media brings public awareness and access to the collections, especially the visual representation form, meaning the videos. I view the social media in offering flexibility in presenting a collecting process that I consider to be a continual act. This offers a direct connection to participants who wish to be updated on the newest additions to the collections. 
          My current social media research was based on the conventional use of specific sites. The options of social media sites are growing and other sites will be considered for future use in presenting the collections. As a starting point, I have chosen two social networking sites, Google+ and Facebook and one social bookmarking site, Delicious. Please visit the website to follow the collections with social media and support the intangible public access. I look forward to the possibilities in presenting the collections along with the participant’s experiences in the tangible and intangible public domain.  

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