Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Interaction With Color Collection

The collecting process for the Interaction With Color collection acknowledges the role of color as it relates to specific types of activities, characteristics of an object, and the human body as an object. Please visit the website to view the collection and follow the collections with social networking sites, Google+, Facebook, and Delicious, to increase public access to the collections. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Public Access and Social Media

             As an artist borrowing from material culture methods to form collections, I intend to develop public access to the collections. I am approaching this access by means of the tangible and intangible public domain.
            For the tangible aspect, I refer back to the Defining a Collection blog entry (Jan. 17, 2012), I wrote about the concept of private and institutional collections as well as a couple of ideas towards public accessibility for the coupon collection. Those ideas for proposals are in progress and with time an institution or community will partner with me on the concept.
            I have reorganized the website to be the main viewing area in the intangible public domain for the collections. The role of social media brings public awareness and access to the collections, especially the visual representation form, meaning the videos. I view the social media in offering flexibility in presenting a collecting process that I consider to be a continual act. This offers a direct connection to participants who wish to be updated on the newest additions to the collections. 
          My current social media research was based on the conventional use of specific sites. The options of social media sites are growing and other sites will be considered for future use in presenting the collections. As a starting point, I have chosen two social networking sites, Google+ and Facebook and one social bookmarking site, Delicious. Please visit the website to follow the collections with social media and support the intangible public access. I look forward to the possibilities in presenting the collections along with the participant’s experiences in the tangible and intangible public domain.  

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Transition for Local Print Media

Sunday morning ritual of clipping coupons for the collection

Today my local Sunday newspaper doubled in price from $1.50 to $3.00. Last week, the clerk at my local grocery store informed me that the price was going to double. There was no article about the price increase in either one of those Sunday papers. I did some light Internet searches and did not come across anything very useful on this subject matter. An article on the price increase could have been in one of the weekly publications, but I do not purchase them.
On the front page of today's paper were the headlines for the launch of the local news organization's applications for the iphone and tablets. The description read about users easily swiping through all the best of the local news and more. The brief article went further into describing the limitations between an online subscriber and a non-subscriber. The only difference is viewing access to areas of the website. Currently to subscribe to the website is free. The subscriber needs to give the news organization some personal information, such as birth date, zip code, and other personal interest.
It is commonly known for several years over the debate of the internet news and the impact on the future of the newspaper. My reasons to acknowledge this price raise is in part to follow the transition of print media culture and the impact on the coupon collection. Certain inquiries that I have are how long will my community pay for the increase of a Sunday paper? If the rumor is factual that the local news organization (which is a national US media & marketing organization) is slowly phasing out the actual newspaper, how and what will transpire in this shift from the tangible object to the intangible cyberspace? Is the coupon collection transitioning from print coupons to QR codes more quickly than I expected?
These questions right now are being filled with many assumptions. Time and the consumer choice in my community are the leading factor in this transition.