Saturday, November 26, 2011

Coupon Collection

My coupon collection is not distributed into the social interaction of the economy that it was intended for. Instead of being placed in circulation for marketing and consumer saving, the coupons are grouped by the month of expiration.

As this collection has formed in the last three months, I have begun to investigate the many aspects of the coupons. Such as: the immaterial labor (marketing), the consumer labor (clipping/ organizing), the transitional time period (the expiration date), and the cultural aspects of thrift and savings.

As I am collecting, clipping, and sorting the coupons, one aspect that was first apparent is the community that the coupons define. From food establishments, local merchants, and chain store retailers, the coupons visually represent my community’s style of consumption.

Periodically, I will be posting on my website an updated list of the coupon collection.

Coupon Collection

Besides being grouped by the expiration month, my plan is to include my location as part of the grouping. The time period of the collection will be determined by when I change my residence.

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