Monday, September 5, 2011

American Labor Day and Objects of Work Culture

As the media emphasizes the current political climate of high unemployment and the future status of the American worker for this 2011 American Labor Day, I began to consider barbeque grills and their affiliation as objects to the holiday. The Labor Day holiday’s main purpose is for the recognition of the contributions from the worker that have established the prosperity of the United States as a nation.[1] The grill is one of several prominent objects in the holiday’s festivities that contain other contexts of work culture.

Obviously, the grills main job is a source to cook food. There is an interaction between person and the grill for the process to occur. Whether the perception of this process is leisurely or utilitarian it tends to have some aspect of referencing the idea of work.

Rather than the worker and the customary work environment being concentrated on, my investigation of the grill’s social relationships of being used on a personal scale and the broader cultural concept for the American Labor Day holiday will to some extent extend the viewpoint and dialog of work culture.

[1] (Accessed September 2, 2011)

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